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Stock Promoter offers comprehensive and innovative process for delivering Stock Promotions.

Stock Promoting is a very complex and involved process. It is important to understand the regulations, guidelines and best practices in promoting your stock or delivering your companies information for review.

Stock Promoter has been delivering Stock Promotions for over 10 years. We have an excellent history of delivering quality and effective campaigns. Our principals have been involved in Wall Street for over 85 years combined. We take on only projects after we have fully reviewed and consulted with companies.  It is our goal to help companies who are unfamiliar with Stock Promotions services to easily navigate the Investor Relations landscape.

Stock Promotions 2017

Recent Stock Promotions

If your business would like to discuss your stock promotion or to consult with us on your stock promotion and capital raises. Contact us today and we will have one of our experts discuss your future success with us.

Stock Promoter has been working with many public natural resource companies and mining companies since January 2017. We have delivered campaigns in Gold, Silver,  Lithium and Uranium sector that have delivered excellent results.

Why Lithium and Gold?

We have seen a huge interest in Gold and Lithium, over the last year Lithium stocks have been heavily traded on the OTC and TSX. Stock Promoter has worked closely with several companies to deliver effective and quality campaigns, building momentum, and helping to deliver gains for the investors.

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