Stock Promoter will be delivering New Stock

Promotion in July

Stock Promoter is currently finishing up details on our new Stock Promotion in July 2015.

This is a major Investor Relations campaign aimed at the long term investors who are looking to invest in a quality company that is set to deliver aggressive growth and earnings estimates. We have been keeping all of the details under wraps but feel that we can now share this information prior to the launch.

We are encouraging any investor who wants to look at a quality stock to sign up for our Free Newsletter that will outline all the details.

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Unlike some Stock Promotion Newsletters we hold no stock or equity in the company. We have not front loaded this promotion and we believe that it has an extremely high return on your investment.

Our Newsletter will be sending out the full details so we again urge you to Sign Up and keep your eyes open.

stock promotion

Major Stock Promotion

This is not pump and dump stock that will waste your money or just make money for those who are controlling the stock. We have done a lot of due diligence and pre-planning to build a quality campaign that will be beneficial for both the investors and the company.

If you are tired of Penny Stock Newsletters that are filled with hype and no substance, you should be aware that we do not take part in this tactic. We will be giving a truthful overview and full disclosure without the hype.

Why Let You Know Now?

Well the time is right, our company has engage in long dialogues, discussions and revisions. We follow the Penny Stock Newsletters, most of time we are amused, skeptical or just plain infuriated by the lack of quality.

We know that many people will want to get on our list and subscribe prior to the launch.

Stock Promoter offers Quality Investor Relations only

It is our goal to deliver a full investor relations campaign and marketing that is clear and concise. We want to deliver a promotion and Investor Relations campaign that will excite you and help build your investment portfolio.

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