Marketing Your Cannabis Company to Investors

How to market your Cannabis Company to Investors

All marketing is not the same especially when it comes to marketing your cannabis or marijuana company to investors. There are many obvious techniques but the problem for your company will be how effective they really are.

We sat with Canna Media Inc. who have been involved in Investor Relations and Investor Marketing to discuss the best ways for your company to market to investors. This is part 1.

Canna Media Inc. is located in Santa Monica. They have been involved in investor related marketing since 2008. They have worked with Forbes, Motley Fool, Investor Hub and Zacks Investment Research to name a few.


What is the most effective marketing technique for Cannabis Companies to utilize?

Well that depends on your goals as a company and your time frame. We always like email marketing as it is quick and effective. We have been involved in email marketing for years. We have seen it evolve. When we were sending out information for companies on the OTC, we knew how to target our audience. There are different types of investors such as penny stock investors, mining, natural resources, emerging growth, Accredited Investors and so on. We have been fortunate to build lists of investors and segment them so we know who to target when sending out for a company, with over 750k investor emails in our database we can just send to best niched list.

So the Email list size matters for Cannabis Marketing?

To be honest, No! You can send out 100ks emails and not get much results, the idea is that you hit the ones that most appeal to your niche. Accredited Investors can invest in early stage private companies, penny stock investors cannot. Our Accredited Investors email list gets only the very exclusive offers. We don’t send out an otc newsletter to them as they wouldn’t care, the same for our list of Gold and Precious metal investors, they get only the deals that work. It makes the sending more effective and helps keep our email subscribers feel they are not getting hit with offers every day, or week. When we send they know we have something to offer.

Are Press Releases a good resource for Medical Marijuana?

Absolutely, they are a great way to build a story and inform potential new investors about the news and updates in your company. A quality press release builds breadcrumbs for investors to research. Only use quality Press Release as you need to deliver your message to finance related and investor related websites. We have several quality services we use that have been effective.

Are you fond of Content Marketing for Cannabis Marketing?

When done right, it shouldn’t be over the top and especially clickbait type headlines. Todays audience is far more educated and picky than before which is a great thing actually. Before many investors just ready the financial write ups and that was it, now investors are active on twitter and facebook so you need to be able to get attention with relevant information.

That brings us to Online Advertising Good Or Bad for Cannabis Companies?

Banner ads are great, there is a bit of legal grey areas when advertising Cannabis and Medical Marijuana right now. We have a reach of over 20 Million Investor monthly through our investor networks online, but, with Cannabis and Marijuana State by State laws on advertising some investor sites are still apprehensive of showing ads. We can still get Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Advertising to about 5-8 Million investors per month. We deliver to many of the top investor sites and platforms and we are always growing out our reach.

Is a Website Still Important with social media and Facebook pages.

If you don’t have a good looking website that has accurate information on it, don’t start any marketing, your company should not let the web design and content be a side thought. Leaving this to an intern or someone who knows how to build a wordpress site is doomed. Don’t get me wrong we love wordpress, but our strategy is always to have the company’s CEO, and marketing team get really involved in content when we build a website for a company.

Any More advice for Cannabis Companies?

Well it is important to have a great pitch deck and showcase your company on platforms that will attract investors, Accredited Investors – Venture capitals can only invest pre-IPO companies so you must be aware of that.

Build out a plan that will last for a few months, don’t just hit once and hope it will all come together. Get a great marketing company to consult with and who understands all aspects of investor marketing.

Canna Media Inc.  is a full service marketing company that can help cannabis and medical marijuana companies to reach their goals.We offer full marketing consultations to Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Companies.

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