Get Real USA Inc. Latest Stock Promotion bubble may have burst quicker than it started.

Get Real USA Inc. is a company, that wants its shareholder to understand they have issues, but they can see a happy ending if they can successfully set up and e-commerce site ?

They have been involved in massive Spam promotion in the past in 2012 when they were in the film industry.

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LA JOLLA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 14, 2015 / Get Real USA, Inc. [GTRL] announces the company continues to make considerable progress as the Company has completed the electronics selling website. Thomas J. Beener, CEO, stated “we are pleased to have completed the first but most critical step in becoming a global seller of electronic goods.” The domain name of the selling website is The site is completed with the initial listing of products and will actively be selling these various electronic goods, pending completion of linkage with Amazon. Get Real USA, Inc. invites and encourages shareholders, and the public at large to view the site. As stated in previous press release, the Company remains highly certain that they will be generating significant gross revenue in the first 90 days of operation. Revenue figures will be difficult to predict during the “ramp-up period”, but the Company expects that gross revenue should be approximately $200,000 within the first (3) months of successful operation. Also, as previously stated, it should be understood that listing and identifying sellable products, coupled with preparing the supply chain for numerous international sources, can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

Also as a new seller on Amazon, obtaining high listings on Google searches requires first, that the Company has a web page meeting Amazon standards; Second, that the products are clearly set forth; Third, that necessary approvals from suppliers have been provided; and Fourth, that the Company meets other additional requirements of Amazon. After the above steps are completed, to gain a “power listing position” on Amazon, positive product reviews and a history of a satisfied customer base are the key requirements. It must be understood that, although the web page will be capable of processing Company sales, the vast majority of sales will come through purchasers going to Amazon where the Company website will appear; and/or googling the type of goods the purchaser wants to procure, which will take them to Amazon or directly to the Company site.

Get Real USA, Inc. is aware that certain shareholders are somewhat impatient with progress of the Company, however, please understand the type of website the Company constructed is not simply the same type of site a business established to inform the public or create an image for a company utilizes. There are many moving parts in connecting with Amazon, the billing, credit card processing and approval of suppliers to handle their funds etc., is timely and difficult. Get Real USA, Inc. remains in negotiation with a leading importer of both recognized branded CE products and a strong selection of quality lower priced generic products. The negotiations are fruitful and the Company believes test product placement should occur this month. This relationship gives Get real USA, Inc. huge exposure to a unique but competitive market segment, which is a great launching pad for the Company. Furthermore, if successful, we believe this could open a productive relationship with a supplier of products on a global scale with global name recognition. The Company believes that hundreds of different products will be available for sale on within the next (12) months. Get Real USA, Inc. continues to work hard to achieve a roll out of the Company’s operations. The Company believes it will achieve its projected goals and appreciates the support of various people as well as the shareholders.

About Get Real USA, Inc.

Get Real USA, Inc. utilizes the services of various third party operators who assist in identifying liquidators, evaluating product, and recommending product to the Company. Once the Company determines that the product meets, and is consistent with the Company’s overall plan; then the product is placed on the company operated selling website for sale to the general public. The Company maintains a call center to field all customer calls, ship product, and serve billing and collection notices to customers. In exchange for the various services of third parties, the Company shares a percentage of its gross revenue for said services. This arrangement is a major benefit to the Company in that it keeps fixed costs at a minimum thereby greatly reducing cash pressure.

Get Real USA, Inc. focuses primarily on electronic goods because of the size of the marketplace, the experience of the marketing group in the industry, and the availability of product from liquidators. The goal of operations is to increase the stock price via revenue, company performance, and most of all profits.


In 2012 GTRL were in The film business in discussions with Disney

Nothing but losses!

Update: After some research it seems as if the Company is clearly not involved in the GTRL spam campaign whatsoever and in fact is actively trying to figure out and stop immediately whoever is doing it.

Get Real USA Inc. (PINK: GTRL) has been subject to a massive spam email campaign that has enabled somebody to sell more stock onto the unsuspecting public. Currently trading at just over a penny GTRL has risen up steadily in recent trading.

According to the Spam Emails

Disney is the biggest content supplier in film industry! The movie industry values only this: Content, Content, Content.

GTRL makes the same steps as Disney in 1985 to have the same results! Wait for G_T_R_L reaching 10 cents this week because of the BIG news about to be released!!!

Company Name: Get Real USA

Ticker: GTRL

Last Trade: 0.0277

Don’t wait, go buy G_T_R_L shares on 20-Nov-2012, still available at $0.05 and make a fortune.

In a recent press release, Get Real USA, Inc. (PINK: GTRL) says they are in the business of producing, distributing and financing low-budget, high quality genre pictures using recognizable name talent. GTRL’s business strategy is to work with highly skilled producers and directors who also offer fierce attention to risk assessment and cost management.

GTRL has a long, long history of Reverse Stock Split and name change. A quick look at the Company’s website; tells you this is an amateur operation with little once you go past the flash intro.

Conclusion: GTRL stock is being heavily spammed by email using spoofed headers. This has had a terrible effect on the underlying company who recently saw their stock slapped with the dreaded caveat emptor designation from Otcmarkets. Stocks that are spammed via email usually do not end well for investors

Get Real USA, Inc.

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