Investor Email Marketing

Stock Promoter can assist your business with Email Marketing solutions. We have delivered successful email campaigns for Financial Institutions and Fortune 500 Companies since 2005. We have been proactive in creating and building list of quality and segmented investors.
We have grown and evolved with time. We understand the solutions your business needs in order deliver an engaging and professional email campaign to your prospective clients or investors.

Stock Promoter are experts in Investor Email Marketing. We have a growing base of Accredited Investors, Financial Advisors, Forex Investors, Day Traders and RIA’s. We can direct your message to the targeted audience and gain attention for your Investment Offer.

Email Marketing Lists

  • Accredited Investors

    Stock Promoter is privileged to have a list of over 100,000 active accredited investors. Our list has been generated through opt in lead generation and is a Premium and Highly sought after marketing tool These affluent and accredited investors are looking for investment opportunities and information on Start Ups, Technology, Crowdfunding, Bio-tech, Sustainable Engery Solutions.

  • Financial Advisors

    Stock Promoters Financial Advisor email  list is a tiered list of highly active and engaged Financial Advisors. We have gone above and beyond to segment, cultivate and grow this list. with over 150,000 active and updated Financial Advisors, we know that this is a truly unique and effective list.

  • Investor Lists

    Our General Investor List is another Highly Effective and Active community of Investors. We take a special interest in building, cleaning and engaging active investors. We have segmented several list based on interests and desire results.

    Our Lists Include

    • 200,000 Active Penny Stock Investors
    • 120,000 Active Investors
    • 50,000 Real Estate Investors
    • 25,000 Home Office List

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