10 Steps to a Penny Pump and Dump?

In order to create a Pump and Dump promotion,  there is a process by which, the stock promoter has a vested interested in actually owning the stock and company albeit through a complicated process with shady lawyers, financial backers and marketing teams.

SNPK Penny StockHuge Penny Stock Gains  

The next Huge Gains Penny Stock newsletter you receive may be using this formula. As an investor you are duped into ridiculous hyped, forward looking statements and just plain snake oil salesmanship. These are the dirty penny stock secrets.

Stock Promoter.net, as a company does not employ or work with businesses who do not adhere to the highest standards of business practices.

This formula does not include the heavy front loaded stock promotions used by other sites and promoters.

We know that Promotion is Marketing, we know that its PR, Advertising and its bragging, but we also know that it can be misleading, the semantics are unclear, disclaimers are used to help the penny stock promoter avoid and legal entanglements.

Penny Stock Newsletters

As a promoter, we have seen some stock promotion companies with the email lists that don’t actually send to anybody. They don’t have to, the volume and trading is all done in house. As you get your Next Awesome Penny Pick in your inbox, they are already manipulating the stock to their advantage.

You check the ticker and see the gains, then you feel the urge to trade, it must be good if the stock volume and trades are going. But Once the promoters have done their job, once they have built and amassed a huge payday, they exit.  This leaves the stock to crumble, and with that your investments.

The Unscrupulous Penny Promotions Formula

Awesome Penny Stocks is now defunct, and their principles face major fines and jail time. They are just one of the many companies that have helped build phoney companies and huge profits.

10 steps to a Penny Pump and Dump

  • Form a business entity with a forward looking business plan using some nominee CEO
  •  Locate a dirty attorney to provide the legal opinion for the future insider enrichment scheme and a dirty accountant to provide the accounting services
  •  Submit an S-1 filing with a bogus business plan to the SEC registering some shares for sale to a hand-picked group of nominees usually for around $.01/share.
  •  After obtaining public company status from the SEC, focus on how insiders can dump their S-1 shares into the public market for huge profits.
  •  Set-up anonymous offshore accounts in corporate egos to hold your free trading stock.
  • Deposit shares with a dirty offshore broker who will clear certificates using its house account so they can be easily dumped into the market.
  •  Do a name change/merger/acquisition of some sort to coincide with a large forward split so you can build the investor relations campaign (See Number 9 Below) around the corporate changes and at the same time increase the shares held by the insiders.
  •  Have the shady attorney send in an application for the name change/forward split with FINRA.  Thanks to the large forward split insiders now own tens of millions of free trading stock that cost them fractions of a penny to acquire.
  •  Find a stock tout with a quality list to do a pump & paid promotion like Stock Tips or other form of market manipulation
  •  And finally dump the super cheap free trading shares into the market earning huge profits while investors suffer losses.

OTCBB and Micro Cap investing can be fun

As Ethical Stock Promoters, we urge all investors to take a look at all aspects of the company, look at the financials, the history and the reputation of the company. Sure you can gamble fully aware of the facts of the company, but we know that just like Vegas the odds are against you.

We are not the “Wolf of Wall Street”, but we want to help business succeed, we also want individual investors to succeed.  We work in Investor Relations and Investor Awareness.

If one reader of this article learns about the process and understands that the Penny Stock hype is rigged, a smoke screen and saves their money, we have done our job.

As promoters we work with Micro Cap and Small Cap companies, we deliver promotions and we deliver Press Releases and email marketing that stays within all federal regulation.

We urge you as an Investor to do your due diligence, don’t play with the huge hypes. There are many Companies on the OTCBB, Micro Cap and Small Cap companies that will be better investments and have more longevity.

If you have a questions Contact us info@stockpromoter.net